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Spark 2024 Agenda - Expand Each Item Below for More Details

☕️ 1:00 — Arrive, Coffee, Networking
Reconnect with the San Antonio data community with activities, coffee, and conversations!


⚡️ Spark, 🥨 snacks and ☕️ coffee are all free! …but if you feel moved to donate to help us cover the costs of today’s event, we would really appreciate it!
👋 1:15 — Welcome & 2024 ARDA Updates

📊 Mentimeter Polling Link  📊

or go to use code 2792 3678


Sarah Serpas, AICP
ARDA Steering Committee Chair
Senior Research & Data Analyst, Every Texan
Lecturer & PhD Student in Applied Demography, UTSA


Travis Smith, PMP
ARDA Steering Committee Member
Sr. Performance and Management Specialist, City of San Antonio

💬 1:30 — Roundtable: Using Data to Address Economic Hardship in the Alamo Region

💬 Roundtable Discussion

Making Ends Meet: Using Data to Address Economic Hardship in the Alamo Region

This discussion features local organizations using data to assess and work to improve economic disparities in the San Antonio Area. Each presenter will speak for roughly 10 minutes followed by a facilitated discussion and audience Q&A.

Link to Status of Poverty in San Antonio Report
Link to ALICE Data & Toolkit
🏆 2:30 — Data Leadership Awards 2024

This year, our 2024 ARDA Data Leadership Award is presented to our three panelists of presenters for their work in addressing economic disparities through data. Thank you for your work and leadership!


The Alamo Regional Data Alliance (ARDA) aims to improve the lives of people living in the San Antonio Region through the creation and support of a culture of data-driven action. In celebration of our values, we created the ARDA Data Leadership Award in 2021 to highlight projects that we feel best exemplify the vision of ARDA.

Nominations were chosen based on responses to the following questions:

  • What is the problem you are working to solve with data?
  • How did you solve it, or how do you propose to solve it?
  • What did you find from the data, or do you hope to find from the data?
  • How do you believe these findings will impact your organization's work?
  • What impact do you believe this will have on the San Antonio community?


💡 2:35 — Breakout Sessions 1 (45 mins)
Room 1

🔧 Bexar Data Dive Demo

Bexar Data Dive is a FREE local online data platform that consolidates Bexar County data on health, demographics, education, economics, and more. Users can explore data by county, census tract, ZIP code, or the new Statistical Small Area (SSA), for easy comparisons across different geographies and groups.

This data platform is a product of CINow’s goal to make data accessible and easier to understand. Join this session to learn more about Bexar Data Dive and to explore how to get the most out of its functionalities. Let's Dive in!


Jeanette Parra
CI:Now (Community Information Now)



Room 2

💧 Data-Driven Decisions: Steering SAWS’ Water Management Plan

The San Antonio Water System's (SAWS) Water Management Plan is shaped by a comprehensive analysis of diverse data sources, including hydrological data, climate forecasts, population growth projections, and water usage statistics. This approach ensures a resilient water future by accurately assessing supply & demand and identifying conservation & efficiency opportunities. Through this data-driven framework, SAWS aligns its operational strategies with the strategic goal of sustainable water resource management for the community.


Rene Gonzalez
Senior Resource Analyst at SAWS



Room 3

📈 Unleashing the Power of Data Flows: Streamlining ETL Processes and Empowering Self-Service Analytics in Power BI

In this session you will:

  • Learn how to Transform Your Power BI Workflow by creating and curating a Unified, Industry-Standard Source of Truth Across the Power Platform.
  • Understand the benefits of developing reusable Transformation Logic with Shared Semantic Models and Reports.
  • Get started with leveraging dataflows to centralize and customize the data architecture of fundamental datasets within Power BI Service, regardless of the data source, whether in the cloud or on-premises.


Chris Aleman
Certified Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst & Data Analytics Manager at GVEC
San Antonio Power BI User Group
⚡️ 3:25 — Breakout Sessions 2 (45 mins)
Room 1

🤷🏽 Now that you have the data, whatcha gonna do with them?

You collect or have access to lots of data. But are you telling “we the people” what they want and need to know? David will walk you through research design and statistical matters such as developing and answering research questions, data validity, analyzing and interpreting data, deducing significance, and reporting findings so “we the people” may make valid, informed decisions.


David E. Johnson, Ed.D
Owner-Principal, TransformEd Consulting



Room 2

👥 Revisiting the SA Tomorrow Regional Center Plans Housing Projections

The SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan serves as the long range plan for the City of San Antonio to help guide future growth and development into the city up to 2040. Currently, the City of San Antonio's Planning Department is initiating various sub-area plans to gather community input to envision and establish goals related to future growth and development. Out of the 30 sub-area plans, 13 of those are Regional Center Plans, that serve as the economic centers of the city. Senior Planner, David Powell, will revisit the initial projections for housing growth within each of the Regional Centers and see where we are today with the projections. In addition, he will cover future projections for new housing development within these areas.


David Powell
Senior Planner, City of San Antonio Planning Department


🍹 5:00 Data Drinks! - Meet us at La Tuna Ice House!

Join us for networking and community!