The user story is a format commonly used in Agile Project Management for describing work that needs to be done in the project. New features, changes, bug reports, and new content all start with a user story. The user story has a particular format: As a [type of user], I want [some goal], so that [some reason]. Using this format encourages us to state our needs in plain language, and provides the right context and direction to the project team when performing the work required to complete the story.

After a story is submitted, it becomes part of the backlog of pending work until the team is able to commit to completing the story in a particular time window, or sprint.

Example #1: As a non-profit, I want to download Census data for Bexar County so that I can estimate the needs for childcare in our service area.

Example #2: As a community member, I want access to local crime data so that I can know more about my neighborhood.

Have an idea? Add an item to our “to-do list” by submitting a user story to our backlog.
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