There are many more people whose contributions to this work will be critical over the next few months, like analysts and other data technicians, data users of all kinds, developers and other tech people, and policymakers and funders. Together we’ll refine the plan, build it out further, and spin off workplans for individual projects.

The following are some opportunities to contribute to ARDA's vision and stay involved:
  • Participate and join in the effort by becoming an ARDA member
  • Commit to leading and apply to be on the Steering Committee
  • Join a workgroup
  • Submit comments to let us know your idea
  • Attend meetings to stay involved

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ARDA is a vibrant network of local analysts, leaders and change-makers like you, who want better access to reliable information to positively impact people in our community. Membership is free and open to anyone who demonstrates commitment to ARDA's mission and vision. We invite you to explore the benefits of membership and join ARDA.

Membership Benefits

As an ARDA member you will have access to:
  • ARDA meetings
  • Forums for peer-to-peer networking
  • Webinars with partner organizations and members
  • Access to members-only ARDA documents
  • Opportunity to build relationships with a local community of users and providers
  • Nomination and voting rights in Steering Committee elections

Membership Role & Responsibility

As an ARDA member you are expected to:
  • Promote the principles and values of ARDA
  • Participate in collaborative activities and workgroups
  • Share knowledge and information on lessons learned, success stories, case studies, program results and policy approaches
  • Members are encouraged to link the ARDA website from their organization's website
  • Contribute to ARDA activities and newsletter by sharing new ideas, data, best practices and other important and relevant news
  • Vote in the Steering Committee elections

If you are interested in becoming a member apply here.

ARDA is seeking partnerships with organizations in the Alamo area who share our vision for San Antonio to become a data-informed community.  The Alamo Regional Data Alliance Partnership Agreement is intended to articulate our shared intent and shared vision – a statement of support for ARDA’s goals and guiding principles. It is not legally binding and implies no financial commitment from ARDA or the partner organization and its signatories.

If you’re interested in joining the ARDA Partnership, please download and complete the following Partnership Agreement in its entirety. In order to complete, you’ll be asked to sign and submit this Partnership Agreement. We will not use logos without your permission but we will list partners at

Should you have any questions, please contact Courtney Denton at







The user story is a format commonly used in Agile Project Management for describing work that needs to be done in the project. New features, changes, bug reports, and new content all start with a user story. The user story has a particular format: As a [type of user], I want [some goal], so that [some reason]. Using this format encourages us to state our needs in plain language, and provides the right context and direction to the project team when performing the work required to complete the story.

After a story is submitted, it becomes part of the backlog of pending work until the team is able to commit to completing the story in a particular time window, or sprint.

Example #1: As a non-profit, I want to download Census data for Bexar County so that I can estimate the needs for childcare in our service area.

Example #2: As a community member, I want access to local crime data so that I can know more about my neighborhood.

Have an idea? Add an item to our “to-do list” by submitting a user story to our backlog.
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Contact Information will ONLY be used for communications regarding your user story. You will not receive any additional project updates or newsletters. If you provide your contact information, you will receive notification if/when your story has been completed [time will vary].