The Results are In! Announcing ARDA’s New Steering Committee

On behalf of the Alamo Regional Data Alliance (ARDA) Interim Steering Committee, it is our pleasure to announce that we have our newly elected Steering Committee.

A volunteer Interim Steering Committee (ISC) developed an initial Steering Committee Charter and finalized the composition and charge of the inaugural Steering Committee, as well as a fair and open process to elect that Committee. The ISC consisted of Peter Bella, H.B. “Keo” Cavalcanti, Juan Gómez, Laura McKieran, Richard Milk, Henrietta Muñoz, Clarissa Ozuna, Adrian Perez, Lloyd Potter, Leilah Powell, Ginger Walker and Jef Waltman, a cross section of long-time leaders.

This small all-volunteer working group formed in 2016 to explore the possibility of establishing a community-wide people-centered data collaborative. The ISC spent twelve months developing ARDA’s vision, mission, guiding principles, and governance model. Beyond laying the groundwork for ARDA, the ISC drafted a Community Strategy as a high-level but implementable plan towards achieving a data-driven community.

We would like to thank our outgoing ISC members for their service. They have helped us take a large step toward advancing community-wide collaborative support for data-related programs and policies and leading the Alamo Region toward becoming a truly data-driven community.

We are now pleased to announce the results of the 2017 Steering Committee Elections. Please welcome and congratulate Omar Arizpe, Peter Bella, H.B. “Keo” Cavalcanti, Jose De La Cruz, Mysti Downing, Anita Kurian, Laura McKieran (staffing), Richard Milk, Henrietta Muñoz, Leilah Powell, Ricardo Ramirez, Emily Royall, Colin Sherman, Michael Villarreal, and Ginger Walker.

The purpose of the Steering Committee is to represent ARDA members, coordinate projects and provide leadership. The SC will use open channels of communication to seek continual engagement and review and will encourage innovation as a means to accomplish goals and address change. The Steering Committee will be a strong leadership voice guiding the ARDA community toward success.

Thanks to all who participated in our recent election process and for taking the time to run for Steering Committee. We look forward to working with all of you to build San Antonio’s capacity to use data to improve lives.


A list of the representatives forming the new Steering Committee is available here.

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